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Center for Lab Services Introduction

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❞ Welcome to the official website of the laboratory service center of Sharif University of Technology. This center is supported by scientific experience and membership in the strategic technologies laboratory network to advance the goals of researchers, industries and students with up-to-date and practical devices in accordance with defined national and international standards and with the use of technical experts. Experienced, ready to provide advanced services to solve research challenges. ❝
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The laboratory service center of Sharif University of Technology was established with the aim of centralizing the provision of laboratory services in Sharif University of Technology in order to solve the challenges.
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The main activities of the laboratory service center are to facilitate access to the services of advanced laboratories in advancing the research and industrial goals needed by researchers.
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Iso 17025
This standard determines the general requirements for the quality and qualification of test and calibration laboratories that Sharif University of Technology has achieved.
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Center for Lab Services News

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  • ساعت کاری آزمایشگاه در فصل گرما

    به اطلاع متقاضیان محترم می‌رساند برای مدیریت مصرف برق در فصل گرما، ساعت کاری آزمایشگاه مرکزی از روز 16 خردادماه الی 15...
  • متوقف شدن آزمون XPS

    به اطلاع مشتریان محترم می رساند "دستگاه طیف سنج فوتوالکترون اشعه ایکس مربوط به آزمون XPS "در دست تعمیر می باشد و پذیرش این...
  • شرایط دریافت گواهینامه آزمون

    به اطلاع مشتریان محترم می‌رساند نتایج و گواهینامه آزمون در کارتابل مشتری قابل مشاهده است. در صورت نیاز به گواهینامه آزمون با...
  • یارانه خدمات آزمایشگاهی فصل بهار 1403 اعلام شد

    مدیر شبکه آزمایشگاهی فناوری‌های راهبردی معاونت علمی، فناوری و اقتصاد دانش‌بنیان ریاست جمهوری از اعلام اعتبار تخصیص یافته به...

 برای مشاهده اخبار و اطلاعیه‌های بیشتر مرکز خدمات آزمایشگاهی می‌توانید پرتال خبری را مشاهده کنید.  آرشیو اخبار

What is our work process?

❞ The laboratory service center has tried to provide the legal and legal customers and researchers with the written and facilitated conditions by developing a software and hardware infrastructure. ❝

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- Everything customers need to know -

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Free consultation

We have tried to provide free consultation to our customers and researchers first of all and we will guide you in this matter.
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Customer system

Customers and real and legal researchers must register for their orders in the customer system so that they can follow up the process of their orders online.
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Registration of test 

Customers and researchers should search for their requested test from the list of available tests and register the request in order to receive their desired services.
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Order registration in the system

After choosing the desired test, customers and researchers must register the order and pay the fee according to the instructions specified in the selected test to go through the next acceptance process.
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Sample delivery

After paying the fee for the acceptance process, customers and researchers must deliver their samples to the relevant unit according to the selection test instructions so that the acceptance can be done.
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Get the result

Customers and researchers can do their analyzes after the delivery of the sample and analysis by the relevant experts.
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Why choose us?

- Providing a new concept of quality and advanced performance according to what we have done these years -
The laboratory service center is proud to shine with the statistics presented with its 10 years of experience in providing services to customers and researchers as a gem in the brilliant record of Sharif University of Technology.
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Number of devices

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Number of laboratories

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Number of customers

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Number of requests

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Acceptance samples

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Year of activity

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Laboratory service center colleagues

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Ensuring the interests of customers and researchers depends on the trust we will give you.

سازمان ملی استاندارد
شبکه آزمایشگاهی فناوری های راهبردی
مرکز ملی تایید صلاحیت ایران
معاونت پژوهش و فناوری شریف
شبکه آزمایشگاه های علمی ایران
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Advice to dear customers and researchers

❞ The laboratory service center of Sharif University of Technology, by using experienced consultants who have sufficient expertise and skills with the equipment and various departments of the laboratory service center, has tried to provide technical response for customers and researchers who request to use the center's services. have, to provide help in advancing the goals and interests of customers and to facilitate the provision of quality services. ❝